Vanilla raspberry cake

Vanilla raspberry cake

Soul Kitchen

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  • dina

    this cake looks sooo good!

    • Soul Kitchen

      The taste is amazing :)

  • Sheida

    The baking pan (30×40) is tooooo much big for this amount of ingredients! The cooking time (7-9min) is also tooooo short!!!

    • Soul Kitchen

      Dear Sheida, for baking this dessert we used this particular baking sheet (×16–plu0231240N01M067.html). The mixture is semi liquid and the layer is very thin. Trust us if you bake the cake more that 9 minutes it will became dry and it will burn. Have a nice day and we hope you will try our recipe.

      • Sheida

        Dear Soul Kitchen, right you are. I have misunderstood because you have written baking I thought it should have some height and after cooking you divided the cake horizontally! After visiting lekueusa site I got it..For this baking sheet the baking time it right too..Thank you so much.

        • Soul Kitchen

          We are always available for you :)

  • Sheida


    • Soul Kitchen

      Look awesome. The decoration is also amazing. Bravo Sheida :)

  • Aldana

    Hi! This looks great. Why does it say “3 honey” in the ingredients list?

  • Food Lover

    It looks beautiful and sounds very delicious!

  • Olivia

    I’ve never baked using mass measurements instead of volumes, so this was a challenge for me because I ended up having to convert everything by hand. (I’m just a graduate student without a food scale!) However, with using the materials available to me, I made this cake for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loved it and was so impressed! The only thing I was not quite expecting was how viscous the cake batter was – but that could have been my mistake during my conversions to volumes. Overall, this was fantastic. :)

  • Di.

    Hi, The cake looks amazing but the cake batter is very dense or viscous (as Olivia mentioned) however you’ve mentioned the mixture is semi liquid. What could be the reason for that? I’m making it right now but with the current measurements it’s more like a dough. Thanks D

    • Soul Kitchen

      Hi Di,
      If it is very dense add 1 or 2 tablespoons of water but not more. If it is too liquid the dough won’t be crunchy. Hope everything turns OK. Have a nice day.

      • Di.

        Hi thanks a ton, the dough turned out crunchy but maybe I will try it again with your suggestion.

  • LovesAmerica

    When are these chefs going to start using regular measurements like 1 cup or 1 teaspoon. I’m on disability, and live on a fixed income, so, if I were to bake any of these cakes, then I would need to purchase a metric/gram scale that I cannot afford.

    • Elizabeth Bennet

      They live in a place where regular measurements ARE metric. If you do a search on google you can convert metric to the English system. Hope you can make some of these delicious treats!

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  • Selin

    How many people does this cake serve?

    • Soul Kitchen

      Dear Selin,
      From our cake we serve 8 pieces. Best regards from Soul Kitchen :)

  • Maria Johnson

    Raspberry and vanilla are our favorites! I would love to bake this for our 40th wedding anniversary next week and want it to be as spectacular as yours. Is there any way you could convert the measurements for me? I do not trust my math skills and don’t own a scale.

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  • miake125

    Just found this cake and I desperately want to make it. Would it be ok to use frozen raspberries? I know, fresh ones are just delicious, but we haven’t got raspberries in the garden and I can’t get to the market today :-)

    • Soul Kitchen

      Dear miake125, fresh are always a better options, but if you don’t have fresh don’t hesitate to use frozen, the result will be delicious trust us :)

  • Jack

    Thanks for the recipe. Very yummy and delicious !

  • Kaz Ben

    Could you please convert the gr and ml to cups please

  • Allyson Tilton

    I would love to make this cake but all of the conversion sites I am finding are not helpful at all! Any suggestions? Thanks! #frustratedAmerican #Metricsystemishard

  • Curt Finley

    The list of ingredients for the cake says 1 egg. The instructions for making the cake says to whisk the eggs (plural) with the sugar until the mixture has risen and pale in color. Is it one egg or more? It doesn’t seem like you could whisk 1 egg with 70 g of sugar and have it rise. Perhaps 1 egg is a typo?