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Ana & Zoki

Hello and welcome to our blog. I, Zoran am the one responsible about all the texts you read, part of the photography you are able to view and first to assist my wife Ana, the top chef, photographer and Soul Kitchen founder.

We live in Skopje, Macedonia, a country where the culinary tradition is passed on from one to another generation, where first skills are directly learned from grandmothers and mothers and where the authentic cook books have a special place on every kitchen shelf. The thick book full of recipes written with pencil, pages full of words written with love and patience , that whenever opened believe it or not, smell of cinnamon, home baked goods, deserts and pies.

Before we start, although without any formal culinary education, we happen to be self-taught cooks, food enthusiasts, in love with the tasteful homemade food prepared with the warmness of one’s soul and heart. Our sources of inspiration are not only the cook books of our grandmothers and parents, but it comes from all around us and beyond.

Most of it is drawn from the famous food channels we passionately watch, the books and magazines we buy, the markets we visit and the restaurants and bakeries we eat in. We must not forget to mention the enormous family of food bloggers that we follow with great content, most of who are from the Balkans, countries like Serbia and Croatia, the rest of Europe, and of course the best that come from the USA. These are the responsible for our motivation and inspiration to become full time bloggers in the future, entirely dedicated to the story called Soul Kitchen.

The story started in may 2014 after we had decided to pause with the local project of ours the food blog named migusto.mk, a Macedonian language blog and to re-route our resources on international level.  We thought that with the good base of recipes to serve and the great photo equipment and knowledge when it turns to photographing food we had nothing to lose, so we decided to give it a try.

Due to Ana’s rich experience in web design it appeared rather easy to set Soul Kitchen and begin our work. Since then we have tried to be better, to publish more and more interesting recipes and more high quality photographs. Of course we also tried to keep up with the recipes, although we have to admit that since the beginning not always has this been a success.

Baby steps cookies - KATJA

The reason was us, becoming parents on the 24th of July 2014; we got our daughter Katya and the focus was redirected to this lovely topic. Although the parenting obligation is very responsible, yet it appears to be the most beautiful thing that has happened to us. It is an enjoyment to participate in and observe the transformation of our dear daughter from sweet little baby girl into a lovely girl that has recently started attending a day-care center. That is why as you can notice and regarding our published recipes, we have more time now to work on our blog.

Yet it seems that we would never have the time to completely devote to this lovely work, because Ana works a full time profession in the IT department in the daily newspaper Nova Makedonija. Luckily these days I have more leisure time, especially after the years spent working as a journalist and a philosophy professor in a high school, so I have been able to dedicate to my first love- martial arts. I am the founder and coach in the club for real aikido Academy, where each day in the afternoon I spend my time with lots of lovely children with whom I share the skill that more than 15 years I have practiced.

What kind of recipes to expect on Soulkitchen

Simply said all sorts of recipes can be found here. We have no certain plan or strategy what is to dominate, as randomly as we feel appropriate, when having inspiration or better said when we feel like eating something specific, we cook and publish. Most often we publish desserts that we both adore and bakery recipes made out of pastry. However many other recipes can be found depending on the season and mood. It will be the best if you take a look at our recipe index and you’ll understand what I am saying. So far from the published recipes we can point few of our favorites such as Vanilla raspberry cake, Turkish simitPerfect sandwich with hamburger bun

As I previously mentioned we do not have formal education, except for my season job in Greece many years ago in the kitchen of one beach bar located on a nudist beach and Ana’s season job in Italy, in the city of Reggio Calabria as an assistant in the kitchen, so please do not find faults if you ran into a mistake in the recipes, or read some language inconsistency or you trouble with the measurements conversion-(link how to convert easily).

We are aware that our blog is at the very beginning and has lots of work to be done so we could get where we point. But you must have heard the saying that even the longest journey starts with the first step. We’ve already made the step, what is left is to enjoy the journey called Soul Kitchen. The gates of our kitchen are always open to you.

With love Ana&Zoran Zafirovski.♥

collage - honemoom Italy


  • SnezanaBG

    Sasvim slučajno sam naletela na vaš sajt! Odličan je, baš mi se dopada!
    Čim sam videla prvih par recepata, slika, naslova, odmah sam pomislila, autor sajta je neko sa Balkana… Ili grešim!? Pozdravljam vas, samo nastavite! Snežana

    • Soul Kitchen

      Hvala na lepim rečima Snežana.
      Provalila si nas :) Svakako kad ima burek, tululbe i bajadera onda nema šanse da nismo sa
      Balkana. Radimo iz Makedonije, tačnije iz Skoplja, ovo je naš porodični blog
      koji je još uvek u fazi preuređivanja i za koji se nadamo da uskoro postaće još
      bolji sa mnogo više odličnih fotografija i recepta. Pozdrav do tebe Snežana i nastavi da pratiš naš rad. Bićejoš puno novih iznenađenja.

  • SnezanaBG

    Bravo, bravooooo! Baš mi je drago, pozdrav vama, Skoplju i Makedoniji! Sneža